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Album: Twin EP

Year: 2017
Music written, performed and recorded by Thomas Grenzebach in France and Switzerland. 

Secretly Austrian

Album: End-of-Transmission

Year: 2018

Music written, performed and recorded by Thomas Grenzebach in Zürich Switzerland,



Biomorphil (Trailer)

Year: 2021

Stage piece by Lyn Bentschik, 15'


Biomorphil is expanded choreography, inspired by symbiotic social structures found in nature; like coral reefs or forests. In order to survive and thrive, all their tiny inhabitants are in constant movement exchange with each other.

Choreography: Lyn Bentschik

Dance: Aga Pędziwiatr, Momo Tanner, Ambra Peyer/Lyn Bentschik

Music: Thomas Grenzebach

Costumes / Objects: Chiara Alissa Estivariz Lopez

Light Design: Ivalina Yapova

Outside Eye: Marie Alexis 

Våga Vara (Trailer)

Year: 2020

Dance piece for Atvara, a Stockholm based, differently abled dance group - founded 2016, which premiered their first live performance, Våga Vara (Daring Being) in Stockholm, in early 2020.

Supported by Region Stockholm & Stockholms stad

Residency support in collaboration with ABF Stockholm

Music: Thomas Grenzebach

Concept, Choreography and Dance: Lyn Bentschik, Karin Delén, Mary Hagman, Cecilia Henrikson, Pernilla Henrikson

Film and trailer: Victoria Verseau and Petra Koppla Dahlberg

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